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Guidelines For Submitting Content

Database Disney Submitting Content

Here at Database Disney, we rely on your submissions to maintain a digital record of the Disney Parks and beyond. We appreciate any submission, but we do have guidelines on what type of content we do and do not accept.

All content must be submitted to

Some examples of acceptable content include:

Park Maps

Park Times Guides

Character Autographs

Times Guides

Limited Time/ Release Items


Ticket Booklets

Classic Videos

This is not the only content we will accept but it provides a basic outline of what we are looking for. If you are unsure, contact us about what you are considering submitting using the same email provided to submit content to.

Here are some examples of content we never accept:

Adult Content

Fan Art

Paintings/ Artist Sketches

Stolen Content

Operations Manuals for Currently Operating Attractions

Content Already In Database

Illegal Content

Again if you are unsure of whether or not to submit something simply ask through the email provided above before submitting it.

If your submitted content is accepted we will notify you by email and the content will be posted on Database Disney. If you provided consent to use your name in the email it will be listed beneath what you submitted. If not it will be posted anonymously. If we need more information you might receive a follow-up email with questions asking for context of your submitted item. We will not respond to requests to take down content so be sure you are ok with it being permanently online.

In order for us to accept content it must:

Be submitted in either scanned form or through a quality photo.

.jpg or .png file type is preferred although not necessarily required

Depending on the item, context on how you obtained it may be required

Be complete (No missing pages or sides) (Some exceptions if submitting videos)

In the end, final discretion on what will or will not be accepted to the site will be up to the Disney Database and/or Theme Parks and Entertainment staff.